Shaolee Mahboob / শাওলি মাহবুব

Shaolee Mahboob, an Asssociate Professor at the Department of Anthropology, joined Jagannath University, Dhaka in 2009. Earlier, she taught Anthropology at Rajshahi University. She earned her B.S.S. (honors) and M.S.S. degree in Anthropology from Dhaka University. She also obtained Graduate Diploma in Gender and Development in 2005 and M.A. in 2006 from the Department of Women’s Studies of Flinders University, Australia. Her area of interest includes kinship, representation of women in the media, and gender & development. Her research articles have been published in various academic journals at home and abroad. Her first book, Women in Television Advertisements: A Comparative Study of Australia and Bangladesh was published from Germany in 2011. The second book was published from Dhaka in 2013. Western theories in Eastern Eyes: Essays on Gender and Feminism is her third book.

Books by Shaolee Mahboob / শাওলি মাহবুব