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Flower and Moni

Format Paperback
Year 2017
Language English
ISBN 978 984 20 1047-7
Edition 1st
Pages 16

This is not a series of textbooks. Rather, they are suitable readings prior to any textbook. It will create interest in children’s minds to read books. Children at their pre-school age enjoy the pictures and stories the most. First, they look at the picture and then they try to understand the story. Therefore, parents should read the sentences and help their children to understand the pictures. Children litterateur Mohammad Maruf Khan has carefully crafted each word in this book towards creating an imaginative world for the children. Artist Sabyashachi Mistry has added a variety of illustrations to make the book more attractive.

Mohammad Maruf Khan / মোহম্মদ মারুফ খান

থিয়েটার করা আর একসময়ের ঢাকা থিয়েটার ও গ্রাম থিয়েটারের কর্মী, শিশু অধিকার বিশেষজ্ঞ মোহম্মদ মাফরু খান।