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($10.00, £8.00)
Format Paperback
Language English
ISBN 978 984 20 0467-4
Edition 1st
Pages 176

Aarshi is Fariyah Premaa\'s first novel in English. The novel is a dark journey into a soul\'s journey through childhood and entering adulthood in an unjust, deaf and hypocritical world. Certainly not for one who is easily offended and looking for a cheerful read. Tread carefully as it may anger, depress or even make you remember what you want to forget.

Fariyah Premaa / ফারিয়া প্রেমা

Fariyah Premaa Fariyah Premaa is a poet, lyricist, singer, writer and a dreamer from the world of the misfits. Born and brought up in Chittagong, she moved to USA for higher studies where she is currently residing in NYC and works as a freelance writer, lyricist and singer. Her first poetry book in Bengali was published by Adorn publications during the Ekushe Boi mela of 2012 and this will be her second published book. She has numerous poems and songs written, her first single song as a singer and as a lyricist has been released in Bangladesh on 2013 and she is currently working on finishing her first solo music album where she is also the main lyricist.