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Shah Abdul Karim / শাহ আবদুল করিম Selected Songs

Format Hardcover
Year 2013
Language English
ISBN 978 984 20 0317-2
Edition 1st
Pages 135

The songs of Shah Abdul Karim, enriched with multidimensional traditions, radiate an enlightening glow. Like many mystics, he is on the lookout for “Manush” as exemplified in the songs of other Baul bards, like Lalon, Radharomon and Hason Raja. Not only this search for “Manush” has a spiritual explanation but also reflects a pronounced resistance against the imperialistic cultural politics. Alongside writing songs on Dehattata and Baultatta and on Allah, Rasul, Pir and Murshid, Shah Abdul Karim wrote songs extensively on the pain and sufferings of the downtrodden and against exploitation and repression. His songs deal with inter-religious harmony, and secularism in his songs is not enforced rather intertwined with culture and celebrations. His versatility ranged from Baul songs, spiritual songs to Bhatiali. He went on learning all the exclusive modules of Baul songs along with Shariatti, Marfatti, Nabuot, Belayat and the various devout form of music. He was motivated by the philosophy of renowned Lalon Shah, Panju Shah and Duddu Shah. Baul Karim is the lighthouse of our heritage in this dark period of self-effacement.

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