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Radharomon / রাধারমণ Selected Songs of Radharomon into English

Format Paperback
Language English
ISBN 978 984 20 0161-1
Edition 1st
Pages 152

There is no beauty truer than the beauty of God in the universe that lives within our souls. Baul songs are of joy and love and their longing for mystical union with the divine within. The songs of the Bauls contain an extensive meaningful philosophy that connects to all their life and aspirations. Although some researchers have termed Radharomon as \\\'the father of Dhamail songs and a poet of Vaishnab tradition’, many scholars have also given him the recognition as a ‘Baul’. This controversy, however, gets resolved when we see Radharomon calling himself as a ‘Baul’ in many of his songs. Radharomon in his Baul songs expresses his consecrated love and passion for Radha’s estrangement from her lover, which is simply unparallel in Vaishnab literature. Radharomon/ ivavigb, the second book of the series entitled ‘Bangla Bauls’ contains the English translation of fifty selected songs. This volume has been prepared to focus on and practice of our own creative culture and to let our Bangali ideas, philosophy, folklore and imagery be known to the dominating colonial/neo-colonial Center. Therefore, efforts have been made to translate some selected songs of Radharomon from Bangla language into English language used here as a medium of expression and a response to thwart the cultural and intellectual supremacy of the Center.

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