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21 Siddeshwari Lane; Memories from 1954 to 1969

৳225 ৳300.00
Format Hardcover
Year 2024
Language English
ISBN 978 984 20 0675-3
Edition First
Pages 84

21 Siddheshwari Lane is about the hundred- year old house where the author has grown up from childhood. The house was bought by her father from a hindu zamindar, Purno Babu who used this house as his Bagan Bari, a four bigha land. After renovating this house and adding another floor, her father named it 'Huq Villa'. The second floor, was added to accommodate his growing family. Just adjacent to this house there was the Siddheshwari Kali mandir which was about 200 years old. Hindus from Dhaka, outside Dhaka and all over the country used to come to celebrate the Poush Mela in this temple every year. The story of 21 Siddheshwari Lane revolves around the author's family, their growing up years amidst tears and laughter. Huq Villa, is the witness to the way the children brought with love, discipline and guidance by the parents. These were the guiding principles of the society and each family used to follow the principles of the way of life in those days.

Nilufer Ahmed / নিলুফার আহমেদ

Nilufer Ahmed studied Political Science at Dhaka University. After getting married to S.M Rashed Ahmed, a career diplomat of Bangladesh, she left for abroad. She lived in the capitals of different countries- Vienna, Berne, Belgrade, Kuwait, Cairo, Canberra, Paris, Kolkata and Tokyo. She has gathered memories and has enriched herself mentally and intellectually. No matter where she has lived, she feels herself deeply rooted in Bangladesh where she was born in 1948. She was born and brought up in Dhaka and grew up in 21 Siddeshwari Lane, around which the stories of this book revolve. She is a story teller per excellence which enchants many readers. She herself is an avid reader and she used to write columns in various newspapers including Dhaka Tribune, weekly Holiday and Asian Age. She is fond of cooking and tries gourmet at home. She hopes for peace in the world for the generations to come.