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The Rhythm of Life; Selected Poems of Ejaz Eusoofi Translated into English

৳300 ৳400.00
Format Hardcover
Year 2024
Language Both
ISBN 978 984 20 0674-6
Edition First
Pages 120

He has searched for a new voice of poetry opposed to the colonial mindset that still works at large. In the Chaotic state of the time he lives in, he has expressed his desire to break out of the old cycle and move ahead remaining faithful to tradition. A 'folk mind' sensibly modified with modern ideals is mostly at work in his poetry. I could thus find that his poetic pieces have a genuine pulse that can create some resonance. The pulse creates the backdrop for a perpetual continuity of human existence. -Poet Mohammad Nurul Huda

Ejaz Eusoofi / এজাজ ইউসুফী

Poet Ejaz Eusoofi was born in Love Lane, Chottogram on 1st January, 1960. He is a Bangladeshi post-modern(Uttar Adhunik) poet. He is also an essayist, literary critic, dramatist and journalist. He has added a new dimension in the history of 1990's contemporary Bangla poetry through deconstruction. He has emerged as a pioneer of post-modern (Uttar Adhunik) theory in Bangladesh through his little magazine Lyric. In his poetry we can see the manifestations of states, people, equality, philosophy and many ideas of contemporary issues. He was a famous figure in the 1980's among those who were swept away by the wave of poetry. Ejaz Eusoofi expresses inner human feelings through poetry. This book is a translated version of poetry, taken from his three books Swapnadya Maduli (1996), Jibon Mridanger Taal (2021) and Madhubrata Odhuna Nogore (2022).