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Seventy One A novel on Bangladesh Liberalisation War

৳225 ৳300.00
Format Hardcover
Year 2022
Language Bangla
ISBN 9789842006456
Edition 1st
Pages 112

Can a single word reveal the whole gamut of a book, specially called novel? The very question may surprise anyone. 'It is next to impossible' can be a common affswer. But the book, now in your hand, can be described by a single word, 'zeitgeist'.

The word means and reveals the spirit of time, general trend of thought or feeling, characteristics of a particular period of time. The novel Seventy One is exactly does the same. The year itself is an epoch-making one, in the form of emergence of independent Bangladesh in the world's map through a tough struggle of blood and sweat.

The novel has some characters through whom the story is woven and progressed. But the central character remains unnamed and undeclared and that is 'Time and People'. To get a proof there is no other alternative but to go through the book itself.

Morshed S. Hasan / মোরশেদ শফিউল হাসান

মোরশেদ শফিউল হাসানের (জ. ১৯৫৩) পরিচয় প্রধানত প্রাবন্ধিক, গবেষক ও সমালোচক হিসেবে হলেও, ছোটদের জন্যও তিনি নিয়মিত লিখে থাকেন। কিশোরদের জন্য তাঁর উল্লেখযোগ্য বই অবাক নাম ভিয়েতনাম, ফরাসি বিপ্লবের কথা, সেরা মানুষ বড় কাজ, জানতে হলে পড়তে হবে প্রভৃতি।

Nibedita Haldar / নিবেদিতা হালদার